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A combat warship is a collection of systems, all of which must be functioning properly for the ship to be effective. Often there are many ways to make something work. One of the great aspects of Big Gun R/C Warship Combat that sets it apart from other formats is that innovation is encouraged as long as safety is maintained. That Big Gun even exists at all is due to the J. C. White (“Indiana”) cannon that makes multiple-barrel rotating turrets easy to implement. If not for this innovation, we might all still be just shooting bbs into 1/32″ balsa.

The following articles show how some people have implemented the various warship systems. Keep in mind as you read these that in many cases there may be other ways of getting the job done. These are not intended to show a way that you “must” do it, but rather are intended to stimulate thought and debate. Also, when building, repairing, and troubleshooting ships, it makes things a lot easier if you can understand the various systems involved and address functional problems one item at a time.

So You Want To Build A Warship (the chronicles of a first-time builder)
Part 1 – Getting Started
Part 2 – Working With Plans
Part 3 – Tools
Part 4 – Framing The Hull
Part 5 – Fitting Out
Part 6 – Skinning the Hull; Decks, and Superstructure

Radio Systems
Radio Basics

Propulsion Systems
Quick, Easy Stuffing Tube Construction
MTronics Marine ECO ESC – Lessons Learned

Cannon Systems
Electronic Firing Circuit
Safe, Effective CO2 Delivery

Pump Systems
Auto Pump Circuit, Mk III