August Battle Report

We got an early start to avoid the heat and ended up with 4 warships hitting the water during our August battle. No sinks this month, but Richelieu gave it a valiant effort. After sustaining a large hole in her armor just below the waterline, the Richelieu lost radio power and was dead in the water. Her pump, fortunately, was on a seperate battery. The pump was able to keep the Richelieu afloat just long enough for the Bismarck to do her best impression of a tugboat and assist in pushing the Richelieu back to shore.
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April Battle Report

Beautiful weather and pond conditions allowed for a fun day at the pond during our April battle! A couple of the fast gunners of the Texas Naval Brigade, Chris and Brian, joined with the North Texas Battle Group to participate in a joint day of fast gun and big gun warship combat.

The day was primarily focused on shakedown cruises and sea trials to prepare many of the ships for our monthly battles ahead. Two new ships hit the water for sea trials, including Justin’s Deutschland pocket battleship and Fred’s Giulio Cesare! In total we had 7 warships hit the water throughout the day.
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November Build Session Report

With a couple of new members joining the ranks, the NTXBG hosted a build session at the Dallas Maker Space. Mike N, Mike D, Jerry, Justin, Fred, and Wes were in attendance working on a variety of projects.

Fred marked out the waterline and calculated his penetrable area for one of his new fiberglass hulls. Justin continued progress on his 3d printed Surcouf submarine, focusing on a 3d printed integrated canon design and drive belts. Mike N, Mike D, Jerry, and Wes worked on various projects including the new canister gun design and canon testing.

It was a highly productive get together with several visitors stopping by to ask questions and learn more. As with all good NTXBG events, we concluded with food, drink, and camaraderie – this time at a nearby pizza joint called Zoli’s.