2019 Annual Report

Ahoy and avast, Happy New Year Battlers!

As this year’s club CO, I look forward to a fun year with many battles. The other club officers will be selected at the club meeting this Saturday. Be there or you will be assigned a position!

Our next event is a club meeting at noon this Saturday, 12 Jan. We can discuss unbelievable new technologies, brag about our battles, tell fun stories, have a good lunch and enjoy the fellowship of our club members and guests. Everyone is invited, especially family members. Bring a guest if you want to.

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February 2015 After Action Report

All Hands:
Six members attended a battle at the Star Brand Ranch on Saturday. We had a fun time sailing, shooting, BS’ing, planning, and checking out Hank Mill’s Yamato battleship and Michel’s new Go lo transport.

The weather started out tolerable and ended up beautiful, sunny and calm. It was overall a pleasant afternoon. The pond was very useable. The breeze made for rough seas, but it calmed down to almost glassy. The weeds had been blown off to one side and caused no problems. The dock needed only minor adjustment. More on the dock later. The john boat was available but was not made ready.

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