April Battle Report

Beautiful weather and pond conditions allowed for a fun day at the pond during our April battle! A couple of the fast gunners of the Texas Naval Brigade, Chris and Brian, joined with the North Texas Battle Group to participate in a joint day of fast gun and big gun warship combat.

The day was primarily focused on shakedown cruises and sea trials to prepare many of the ships for our monthly battles ahead. Two new ships hit the water for sea trials, including Justin’s Deutschland pocket battleship and Fred’s Giulio Cesare! In total we had 7 warships hit the water throughout the day.

Pondside activities concluded with a short skirmish between the fast gun and big gun ships – not a full fledged battle, but a fun time trading a few ball bearings.

We concluded the day with drinks, food, and plenty of visiting at Boomer Jacks. Join us next month!