2019 Annual Report

Ahoy and avast, Happy New Year Battlers!

As this year’s club CO, I look forward to a fun year with many battles. The other club officers will be selected at the club meeting this Saturday. Be there or you will be assigned a position!

Our next event is a club meeting at noon this Saturday, 12 Jan. We can discuss unbelievable new technologies, brag about our battles, tell fun stories, have a good lunch and enjoy the fellowship of our club members and guests. Everyone is invited, especially family members. Bring a guest if you want to.

The next event after the meeting is a build session on Saturday, 19 Jan that could be turned into a battle if anyone is ready for it. I offer my house and workshop for the build session unless someone has another location to suggest. We can decide at the club meeting this Saturday.

I remind all battlers to renew their NAMBA membership for 2019. The important part of it is the insurance coverage they provide. Also, I will insure the Payne Pond for NAMBA site insurance for 2019.

Our member mailing list seems to be outdated. I will be attempting to refresh our mailing list. If you want to continue receiving our messages, you should speak up. (If you’re not here raise your hand.)

Don Payne
Commanding Officer