2015 Annual Meeting Report

All Hands:
The 2015 Annual NTXBG Meeting was held on 10 January. A recap follows:

Election of officers:
Commanding Officer Don Payne
Executive Officer Jerry Ethridge
Safety and Technical Officer Jeff Burns
Quartermaster Mike Duffy
Treasurer Wes Wynne

Goals: 6 Battles
2 new recruits
2 new battleships constructed

NABGO: Preliminary planning has begun. We are checking the Star Brand Ranch availability for the weekends of the 4th of July or the 11th of July.

Recruiting: Mike Duffy is looking into having a future club meeting at Makers Space which is expected to provide exposure to many hobbyists and builders. All members are encouraged to spread the news about our club and bring prospective recruits to meetings, battles, build sessions, and parties.

Party: We decided to kick off the new battle year with a party for all members, wives,and significant others. A club party will be held on 7 February starting about 5 PM. I will arrange for barbeque from a local restaurant and I will crank up the “Margarator” for frozen margarita’s. These will be real ones, not like restaurant margaritas! Attendees may bring any other beverages they want. It will be helpful to get a meal count for ordering barbeque. Please, RSVP. I want to see everyone there. Please, come!

I look forward to seeing all of you at the party and other club events, especially the battles. Let’s get our ships ready to rumble!

Don Payne