NABGO 2016

NABGO is the North American Big Gun Open, an annual competition for Big Gun Radio Control Model Warship Combat, held near Dallas, Texas. NABGO is open to all 1/144 scale combat clubs and individuals, including international clubs.

When is NABGO?

NABGO 2016 is scheduled for: July 7-10, 2016.
(Early arrivals are welcome July 2-6)

Where is NABGO?

NABGO is held at Star Brand Ranch Executive Retreat, in Kaufman, Texas, about 35 miles East-Southeast of Dallas, Texas.

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What is Big Gun Radio Control Warship Combat

Briefly, the basic idea is: BB sized to 1/4″ steel ball-bearings are fired by CO2 cannons, which can rotate and depress, tearing holes in the thin (up to 1/8″) balsa wood skin covering 85% of the 1:144 scale ship’s hull. When there are enough leaks that the bilge pump system is overcome by the water, the ship sinks, is recovered, patched, and battled again. Points are scored for cargo runs, hits, sea control, and sinks.