Big Gun Model Warship Combat

The USS Missouri fires on the destroyer Mogador

The North Texas Battle Group (NTXBG) builds, sails, battles, and sinks 1/144 scale radio controlled WWI and WWII era model warships in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. CO2 powered cannons are used to fire ball bearings (BB size up to 1/4 inch) into balsa wood hulls. Ships are damaged and when the bilge pumps are overwhelmed, the ships really sink! They are then recovered, patched, and sent back into battle.

The USS Missouri sails by at the Andrea Doria sinks

At the North Texas Battle Group, we are always looking for new members. If you have an interest in modeling, naval history, competitive events, or just blowing things to bits, get in touch. We have a full list of upcoming events on our calendar. We look forward to seeing you at the pond!

For additional questions or information, please contact us.