At the North Texas Battle Group, we keep our ears to the ground and our binoculars and rangefinders constantly trained on the horizon. Here’s some of the INTEL we’ve gathered about what some of the other Big Gun clubs are doing.


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Battler’s Connection

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Big Gun Clubs

Australian Battle Group

The Home of Big Gun R/C Warship Combat
This is the original site dedicated to Big Gun warship combat, operated by Randy Kehr, who is a member of the South Coast Battle Group. Randy is very knowledgeable and willing to help. This site is quite extensive, and has lots of good technical articles.

Chesappeake Battle Group

Mid Atlantic Battle Group

R/C Naval Combat

Launched November, 2006, this site serves as a “clearinghouse” for R/C warship combat of all formats, flavors, & locales. Lots of information is available, including individual clubs’ pages, forums, photos, tips, a unified calendar, & lots more.

Western Warship Combat Club

WWCC is the largest and oldest combat club in Northern Cal. They are also one of the oldest big gun clubs in the world being founded in 1980.

They do not fully arm capital ships. Between 15.1K standard or design tons and 50.1K standard or design tons they max out their BBs and Heavy cruisers at 6 main guns. Over 50K they allow up to 8. They allow single shot torpedoes on all ships over 20 tons and repeating shot torpedoes on ships under 20K tons. There are some other differences as well.

Other R/C warship-related clubs

Queen’s Own Scale Model Warship Club

The Queens Own Scale Model Warship Club is a 1/72’nd scale RC Warship Club located in the Seattle Washington area.