So you want to build a warship – Part 4

Part 4 – Framing The Hull
As noted in prior installments, I believe in preparation.  I also like cutting, bending, sanding, filing, and in general making the dust fly!  All the preliminaries up until now have been about getting ready to actually build something, but even the best planning and preparation won’t settle everything – there are going to have to be decisions made while the actual work is in progress.  Things that you think will work won’t, or you’ll figure out a better way of doing something, while you’re in the process of doing it the way you originally planned.  This is normal, and is part of the process.  Knowing this, you can take things in fairly small, logical steps, so as not to over commit yourself to a particular direction and allowing yourself the luxury of being able to change your mind later.

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So you want to build a warship – Part 3

Part 3 – Tools
I figure I’m probably pretty typical, in the sense that I’ve accumulated a variety of hand and power tools over the years.  Warship combat is a “guy thing”, and so is collecting tools, so it’s likely that anybody who considers building their own model R/C combat warship already has a fair selection of tools, and is reasonably handy when it comes to using them.  However, many of us aren’t that experienced at scratch-building models – and there are some differences between building a full-scale house, gun cabinet, or even bird feeder and building a model warship.

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So you want to build a warship – Part 1

Part 1 – Getting Started

Big Gun R/C Warship Combat has got to be just about the ultimate big-boys’ toy.  As a kid, my friends and I watched Combat and Rat Patrol on TV and played soldier, blasting imaginary “Japs” and “Jerries” while reliving the great battles of the Second World War.  When I was about 10-12, I had this idea to build radio-controlled model ships, complete with guns that could fire.  At the time, I didn’t have the resources to pursue such a dream, but somewhere in the deep recesses of my brain, it stayed alive.

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